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Hi, I'm Akeyami! I'm 23 and a grad school student.

Here you will find many different things that I'm into. Such things include:

- Art

- Music

- Manga and Anime

- Books, TV shows and Films

- Video games

- Daisuke Asakura and AXS

(as well as the DA Family)

- People, culture and style (especially from Japan and Europe)

....So basically everything ^^;

I love meeting new people who share my interests, so please don't hesitate to send me a message! I also make personal posts from time to time, usually tagged with "ake!personal" or "ake!happenings".


Seriously I didn’t think they could revamp TP Link much more, but this is just STUNNING

A part of me wonders though, why is it TP Link and not Skyward Link? I guess I just kinda assumed Sky would get it since he’s the newest Link. Perhaps because Skyward Zelda wouldn’t be exactly combat-appropriate, as others have pointed out? Because then putting in Skyward Link and some other Zelda, etc might be strange. Especially because we would have to have Sheik too (though Skyward’s Impa would have made a great challenger imo!). I was really hoping for Ghirahim as a playable character as well and since it seems they’ve announced all of the newcomers for now I wonder if there’s any chance he’ll be in it at all anymore. Probably not, though the new additions were very much justified (despite how much Villager freaks me out xD).

Anyway, whatever, perhaps Twilight Link has become Zelda’s new poster boy lol. He’s the prettiest of all the Links, in my opinion, so I’m not complaining xD.

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    Any chance Ghirahim will be an unlock-able character????
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